Arnold Marty

Arnold Marty has more than 20 years' experience as a member of management and CEO at national and international companies. Thanks to his in-depth experience in the IT, building services, renewable energies, retail and wholesale, and automotive industries he is able to offer his clients enormous added value.

Whenever there is a challenging search assignment for board positions, members of management or other key positions, Arnold Marty is able to draw on his operational and strategic management experience. He understands the challenges that CEOs  face when key positions need to be filled, as well as the desire to add new core competencies to the board of directors.

He gained his extensive knowledge of the IT sector at two global technology companies, where he served as the Managing Director for Switzerland and Europe. Thanks to his work as the manager on various mergers and acquisitions, he understands the challenges of combining mixed cultures and supporting change management processes.

Arnold Marty understands the complexity of global matrix organizations as well as the specific characteristics of family companies. He became familiar with such companies while working in the building services and automotive industries.

Currently, Arnold Marty is working intensively on Work 4.0 and the changed frameworks for people, technology, management and organization in an increasingly digital and virtual world of collaboration.

Arnold Marty studied economics at the University of Zurich and in addition to  German, his native language, he also speaks English. He is currently a member of the board for a software company in the renewable energies sector.