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Your career

A large number of top positions in the business world, at associations and foundations are now filled with the help of executive search consultants.

Most search assignments are entrusted to us on a confidential basis and not publicly. We regularly publish public search assignments under this category.


Current non-confidential search assignments

If you are interested in a position and meet the requirements, then we would like to hear from you.

Not Actively Looking

We offer our candidates direct access to the platform NotActivelyLooking.com, which you can use to contact us whether you are not actively looking for a new position or you are interested in new opportunities.

NotActivelyLooking.com is an innovative career platform for managers and senior specialists. You can use this platform to confidentially introduce yourself to the personnel consulting firms you select. You alone decide what data you want to share with which firms. You manage your profile yourself. Even if you are not actively looking for a new professional challenge at the moment, you can share your current details with us and the personnel consulting firms you choose. This can help us to provide you with information about interesting positions that correspond to your profile. You alone decide whether you then wish to speak with us.

NotActivelyLooking enables you to better manage the sensitive data in your CV

  • You can share your current career information, key highlights, skills, salary information and your expectations and wishes with us securely.

  • You can maintain several selected recruitment consultancies at the same time without the need to contact each one individually.

  • You can decide for yourself at any time whether to store, update and activate your data or parts of it for the recruitment consultancies you have selected.

  • The unique search and query function of NotActivelyLooking makes it easy for us and our colleagues to compare  your experiences, skills and wishes with current search assignments quickly and efficiently – always assuming you have given us permission to do so.

  • If you’re already on LinkedIn, you can simply upload your current profile to NotActivelyLooking and thus simplify the registration process significantly.

  • By linking to Roy C. Hitchman AG, you ensure that we are informed about your registration. Even if you’re not currently interested in a career change, we recommend that you register at NotActivelyLooking.com.

It only takes a few minutes to register. After you have registered, you can modify or update your profile at any time, or change the access rights of the personnel consulting firms.

The standard membership on this career platform is free of charge.