The Digital Transformation is Happening!

  • Over 92% of the board members surveyed state that their company is undergoing a digital transformation. For a good 77% of the respondents, the transformation has already been underway for several years, and for around 15% only recently. The figure is similar among the operational managers surveyed at over 84%.
  • 23.75% of the board members surveyed believe the company will no longer be viable in 5 years without transformation. 17.5% believe that this will only be the case in 10 years. Another 43.75% consider the transformation of the company to be very important in order to remain competitive. The operational leaders surveyed have a similar view.
  • For board members, new market entrants pose by far the greatest threat to the company, with just under 27% of mentions. For the operational managers, the main challenge is the lack of agility in the organization, with just under 24% of the mentions.