Agile principles widely used – but organisations still need to become more agile

  • Agile principles and methods are used by 88% of respondents. A good 14% already have their entire organisation working according to agile principles. At least 21.3% of respondents have multiple departments that are managed according to agile principles.
  • More than 92% believe it is very important or important for the company to become even more agile. Only 1.8% feel that there is no need to become more agile, arguing that the company is already agile enough or that strategic priorities lie elsewhere.
  • In the multiple choice responses on the operational benefits of an agile organisation, creating greater customer value was the most important (over 85%), followed by increasing speed (79.8%).
  • Of the multiple responses on the strategic benefits of an agile organisation, increased innovation was the top response with just under 81%, followed by increased strategic flexibility/protection from disruption (71.7%).