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Most executives get caught up in the operational hustle and bustle and are unable to be proactive about their career.

Similar to a performance test in sports, it makes sense to reflect on possible career steps in a targeted manner and without any pressure in advance and to work with an independent consultant to determine your options.

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Your career is stagnant, you no longer enjoy your current tasks or you feel a strong desire for a career change, perhaps in another industry. You would like an external assessment or some concrete career ideas.

As former executives and now executive search consultants, we have experience with both sides.

Thanks to our familiarity with the recruitment market, we are able to make highly realistic assessments of career goals or a potential change of industries.

Standortbestimmung für Führungskräfte


After studying your CV and analyzing the value-based “Profiling Values” test, we conduct a personal meeting with you.

We document our impressions in concrete recommendations and discuss the following with you:

  • The results of the “Profiling Values” test
  • Your image of yourself versus the image of you held by others
  • Your career options
  • Suggestions for new skills and development opportunities
  • Tactical input about your CV/dossier


Flat fee of CHF 2,500.